Our sweet baby boy


Saturday, September 1, 2012

The BIG Move!

Dave got a full time position for the National Guard allowing us to finally make the BIG move out of my parents house. We moved into a town home in Herriman. We kept our move to ourselves for a long time just in case things fell through! But all worked out greatly and we are now settled into our new home! Benning has taken to the move greatly and has not seem bothered by it at all! Here are some pictures of our New home!
Living Room:

Stair Way:

Dining Room: 


upstairs Balcony (off of Kitchen):

(LOL we made a puppy pad)

Master Bed Room:

Full Bath:

Benning's Room (still needs more decorating)

These are all 3-6 months :)

And these are all 6-12....

5 months already?

I have slacked horribly on blogging, so here is a rather long blog with Bennings progress in the last 5 months!


By the time Benning was one month old he already weighed over 9 lbs!


At 2 months Benning was close to 13 LBS!! He loved to eat and was growing strong!
At 3 months Benning weighed 14 lbs and was starting to show a lot more emotions! Benning also took his first road trip to Oregon at 3 months to meet all of the Days. He met his grandpa Doug for the first time and all of Dave's grandparents and aunts. He handled the drive better then I could have ever expected!


Benning at 4 month was by far when the fun really started! He weighed 16 lbs 4 oz at his 4 month WCC. He found that when he smiled and laughed so did those around him so needless to say he was ALWAYS smiling!


Benning at 5 months has been a blast! He has learned how to roll over and lets just say there is NO stopping him! He has gotten so strong with his back and legs he loves to sit in his car and bounce! He has absolutely fallen in love with Mickey Mouse, all he has to do is see a Mickey and he gets the biggest grin! He is still Mr. smiles and loves to hear his own voice. He has discovered the dogs and LOVES them! He shows a lot more emotions towards Dave and I and really shows us he knows who we are and that he loves us.  He has become such a great sleeper! he sleeps at least 11 hours at night and takes a good 2 hour nap during the day! He weighs 16 lbs 14 oz and is now 26.5 inches long! He is getting so big so fast! I cant believe we are so close to his 1/2 year already!
He has been the BEST most AMAZING blessing we could have ever asked for! We sure to love our lil guy!

Friday, April 13, 2012

2 weeks already?

My lil man is already 2 weeks old!
Here are his stats from his Dr appointment
7 pounds 8.5 ounces
21 1/4 inches long
head 35 cm
He is getting big so fast.
We Sure do love every minute with him!!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

A miserable 32 hours but the prize is amazing!

On Tuesday (3/27/12) I went to the OB for my weekly check up, everything seemed to be normal with the exception of having a little bit of a high blood pressure. My dr checked my cervix and told me "well he isn't coming this week"...I had been 30% effaced and only a finger tip dilated for 3 weeks now so we scheduled for me to be induced the fallowing Thursday (4/5/12) which would put me a week over due. But he also wanted me to get a ultrasound to check on how big the baby was seeing that I was measuring 1-2cm big just to be sure I didn't need to have a C section due to the baby being too big. So I was very content and happy that I knew I only had 1 more week to go..
Then I had my ultrasound and got a huge shock....
As she was doing my ultrasound I could tell something was wrong, she said "ok I just need to measure the fluid around the baby" then she got this strange look on her face and I said "there isn't much fluid is there?" She just looked at me and said I need to go call your dr, she left me in the ultrasound room alone and I just knew something was really not right, she came back and said your dr would like to talk to you, my heart just dropped.. I got on the phone and my drs nurse was on the line and she said "Charlie I need you to stay calm but you need to go straight to labor and delivery, don't go home or make any stops just go straight to the hospital and Dr. Rappleye will meet you there." At this point my heart was just pounding and the tears were forming so I asked the U/S tech if it was just the fluid around the baby that was concerning and she told me "yes, your fluid is at 3cm and the baby needs at least 7 cm to be safe." So I did as I was told and went straight to labor and delivery, they were expecting me and took me straight to a room. I called Dave and my mom and told them what was going on and had my mom go get my hospital bag from the house (glad I packed that weeks in advance).
All of this happened before 10:00 AM, once I got to the hospital they did all the charting, explaining things and paper work and by 11:00 AM I was given my first dose of a medicine called cytotec which was suppose to help my cervix get ready. Though the medicine gave me contractions it did not do much to my cervix until after my 4th dose. They gave me a pill to put on the inside of my cheek every 3 hours, after 4 doses and 12 hours of contractions I just couldn't take the pain any more so I got my epidural which ended up making me sick so that was no fun. Finally at 5 AM the nurse checked me and said "ok you are at a 3 and 70% which means we can start the pitocin" They started the Pitocin around 6 AM and I was thinking awesome now things will really get moving! WRONG!!
At 11 AM the nurse checked me and said "you are at a 4+ and 80%" then she went on to tell me that I have progressed enough that it is now safe to break my water so she called the dr and the resident OB came in to break my water, before he did he checked me and when he did he asked me "what did you say the nurse told you you were dilated to? and I told him 4+ he shook his head and said no you're at a 3. I was furious! What do you mean I'm at a 3???? How did the nurse get it wrong?? why have I not progressed at all in 6 hours of pitocin??? He broke my water any way (which was soo not fun) and I was left alone for another 2 hours, the nurse then came in to check me again and when she did she said "great you are at a 5 and 90%" I looked at her and said "are you sure this time??" I feel bad now for how I said it but I was just frustrated cause at this time it had been 28 hours! Once again I was left alone for another 2 hours and a different nurse came in at 5 PM to check me and I was still at a 5 and 90% I got tears in my eyes and looked at her and said "it's been over 30 hours can I PLEASE be done?" she was so sweet and just said "yes hunny you are done, I will go call your dr" she came back moments later and told me that Dr. Rappleye wanted me in for a C-section NOW, but that the anesthesiologist was in with another c section and that as soon as he was done I would be going in. He came in my room at 6 PM and got me numb and I was in the OR by 6:30 PM.
At 6:54 PM I FINALLY heard the sound I had been waiting to hear for 32 hours.. my lil babies sweet cry..
Benning David Day was born on 3/28/2012 at 6:54 PM weighing 7 pounds 1 ounce and measuring 19 inches long! He had a beautiful head of dark hair and gorgeous grey/blue eyes! /he was and is simply PERFECT!
This picture was taken on Tuesday after my first dose of medicine.
He is the most precious thing in my life!
The first time I got to see my sweet little baby.
I look exhausted in this picture (which I was) but it was the first time I was able to hold my lil guy!